Era Swap DAO - Your Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Era Swap DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that is governed by a set of software rules in smart contracts on Blockchain Technology. It is an open-source organization that is completely transparent and can be presumed incorruptible.

Era Swap DAO uses the consensus mechanism to align the interests of the organization with the interests of its stakeholder. Here, the Interests of the participant’s members i.e Stakeholders of TimeAlly are aligned towards the incentive rules tied to the Era Swap native token. Era Swap DAO is one of the few true decentralized & autonomous organizations which you or any individual is free to adopt.

3 Engines Of Era Swap Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Era Swap DAO has 3 key vitals namely Era Swap Network(ESN), Era Swap Token(ES) & Era Swap Network(ESN).

Era Swap Token

Era Swap Token is a decentralized Blockchain-based utility token where Era Swap holders can do P2P exchange using smart contracts within Era Swap decentralized economy.

Era Swap Ecosystem (ESE)

Era Swap Ecosystem is a decentralized ecosystem made on the latest Web 3.0 that remove the need to involve a mutually acceptable third party for P2P exchanges using feasible Era Swap Blockchain Network(ESN).

Era Swap Network (ESN)

Era Swap Network is a decentralized blockchain network that allows multiple cloud computing users to enter a loosely incorporated P2P smart contract to mine Era Swap Tokens.

    To achieve a true decentralized & autonomous organization that anyone can adopt.
    Our Vision
    To disrupt monopolies by offering & creating multiple decentralized p2p platforms that are fully autonomous and runs on smart contracts powered by Blockchain technology.
    Our Mission
    Era Swap DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that is governed by a set of software rules in smart contracts on Blockchain Technology.


Day Swappers is a unique decentralized affiliate program made for Era Swap family where users with networking or influencing skills can earn high rewards when they bring active users in Era Swap Ecosystem.

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Era Swap Academy is a decentralized e-mart where users with the skills can make and sell their own courses with the global community in peer to peer mode. Also, users can improve their skills and knowledge from the courses offered by subject expert matter.

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Buzcafe is a decentralized global e-marketplace where merchants can list their business or services and can do exchanges in p2p mode directly with the global clients. It is also a network of retail outlets/local business which accepts Era Swap Token for any p2p exchanges from Era Swap Family.

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Time Swappers is a decentralized freelancing platform built using smart contracts where buyers or sellers can exchange services in peer to peer mode. Time Swappers is exclusively made to create employment opportunities.

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BetDeEx is a decentralized fun predicting platform powered on Blockchain technology where users can predict & win rewards for their prediction on various events ranging from political, sports to technology in peer to peer mode.

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Era Swap Wallet is a decentralized wallet that offers a solid & secured payment network where users can store multiple digital assets & gets 100% control over their funds. Users can also access all the platforms of Era Swap Ecosystem that accepts Era Swap using a single sign-on.

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TimeAlly is a decentralized token vesting platform that is based on a pre-defined set of rules using smart contracts to offers multiple benefits, govern the generation & distribution of ES Newly released Token(NRT). TimeAlly increases Era Swap Count for TimeAlly contract holders for holding their tokens in the smart contract over a specified period of time.

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Kunjimudra Express (KMX) is a blockchain powered peer to peer exchange solution for digital assets for users adding convenience and ease of access through both web and mobile application globally. KMX will be live soon for users.

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Swappers Wall is a decentralized social networking platform where users can connect with their friends and family in peer to peer mode without giving any data. Users can also earn rewards by community members i.e power tokens for their quality, creative & original content that provides value to the Ecosystem.

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Date Swappers is a decentralized dating platform where users can book a contractual meeting with the clients or a social meeting with friends and family. Users need to list their profile in Date Swappers to meet with different people in the network.

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ComputeEx is a trading platform for users who wants to buy Era Swap or BTC using Credit cards or Debit cards. It is also a place that offers multiple exchange solutions that offer the best deals to the Era Swap community from various digital assets platforms around the world in a single place.

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TimeAlly Club is a privilege Circle for Era Swap Community with membership categories: Coral, Silver, Pearl, Gold, Platinum, Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, and Ruby. Participants who become part of TimeAlly Club can earn up to 5%-13% Direct rewards based on the slabs achieved on TimeAlly Products. The rewards structure is subject to change as per plans in the future.

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CertidDapp is an open-source digital certificate issuer that has been made using Blockchain Technology. Organizations Or students can issue a digital certificate over Blockchain which makes it immutable & temper proof. It uses an advanced technique called RLP to record certificate data on Blockchain.

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FaithMinus is a decentralized court of Era Swap Ecosystem which manages all the disputes that occur in the ecosystem. Made on Blockchain Technology, Era Swap FaithMinus offers open & transparent dispute resolution for all.

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RecyclingDapp is a decentralized platform that offers simple and transparent waste management. All records are maintained on Blockchain, for transparency and ease of access globally.

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Era Swap Guarantor

For securing the Era Swap Ecosystem, a reliable option is Proof of Stake (PoS). There are people with money but cannot work, as well as, people who can work but do not have money. So Era Swap introduces Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) in Era Swap Ecosystem to counter this problem where a requester can get a Guarantor with Guarantee in P2P mode.

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CharityDapp is a decentralized charity platform where anyone can give charity to the organizations based on review & ratings in peer to peer mode.

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BookingDapp is a decentralized booking platform powered on Blockchain where Event Organization, Enterprise, or users can list or book all forms of services and offerings in peer to peer mode.

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RentingDapp is a decentralized leasing platform where users can list or rent any products, assets in peer to peer mode. Built on blockchain technology, the rental process on RentingDapp is cost-effective, more convenient, and secure for both lenders and borrowers.

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PoolinDapp is a decentralized P2P ride-sharing platform where vehicle owners or riders can exchange services directly in peer to peer mode without any middlemen interference. Here, vehicle owners can list their services by doing KYC and start taking a ride.

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CureDapp is a decentralized heath and fitness application powered on Blockchain that offers multiple utilities to its users. CureDapp tracks fitness of the users as well, creates Peer to Peer Interaction and appointment between user and doctor, keeps user-health records and medical reports on blockchain securely.

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KYCDapp is a decentralized blockchain-based identity system that allows owners/users to conduct their KYC on multiple platforms of Era Swap ecosystem to truly own, control, and manage their digital identity.

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CouponDapp is a decentralized reward sharing platform built on Blockchain technology where users can gift or receive ES tokens to his friends or family via a unique file over a mail.

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Value of farmers is a decentralized farming marketplace, where users can sell or buy all farming products directly from the farmer or manufacturer in peer to peer mode.

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About Era Swap Project


The roots of Era Swap lie in KMPARDS, an organization, which aims to spread awarenessabout the next-gen technologies like Blockchain, across the globe, through product research, development, and eLearning.


One Utility Token powered on Era Swap Network to be used on multiple interlinked Middlemenfree DApps for Peer to Peer Exchange within the Ecosystem.


By Building side-Blockchain on top of Ethereum blockchain using the plasma framework and sharding to offer Scalability and Speed with comparatively low gas/ Network fee.


To achieve Scalability, Speed & Low transaction cost for Era Swap Ecosystem users for peer to peer transactions within the ecosystem, without compromising on Trustless Asset Security.


As Per Era Swap Roadmap

Era Swap DAO RoadMap

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